Silica gel – Trockenperlen orange

Trockenperlen orange silica gel is an environmentally friendly dehumidifying agent free of heavy metals. The indicator shifts from orange to colourless after about 6 % water absorption. Saturated silica gel can be dried and reused. It should be dried at a temperature between 120 °C and 160 °C. HAMP supplies silica gel in 4 kg containers.

Silica gel

Adapter flanges

Adapter flanges produced in two separate versions. These adapter flanges are manufactured to easily replace older devices with those made by HAMP.

The smaller flange has a 65 millimeter bore diameter and is best suited for use in the small, type 4101, dehydrating breather. The larger flange uses four bolts with a 90 millimeter bore diameter, this flange is manufactured for use in the larger dehydrating breathers type 4130-2, 4130-4 and 4140.

The stainless R3/4”-R3/4” transition is used with both flanges.


Adapter flange large