Dehydrating breathers produced with an extra-large oil trap, manufactured for use in applications where the transformer risks being put through quick and intense fluctuations in terms of strain. Example of such applications are: wind farms and furnaces. The following devices are manufactured with an extra-large oil trap and extended tube, this prevents the air from soaking up the oil in the silica dehumidifying agent and also ensures that the oil stays in the oil trap.


Mounting and maintenance instructions

1. Screw the dehydrating breather onto the pipe under- neath the expansion tank. The cover has a location flange. With types 4130-4 and 4140 the base also has a location flange.

2. Loosen the three upper wing nuts a few turns and then lower the front retainer bolt. Remove the plexiglass container and fill it with silica gel.

3. Check that both gaskets are correctly located, and fit the container. Tighten the wing nuts firmly, to ensure good sealing.

4. Remove the oil trap bowl by loosening the wing nut on the underneath and turning the retainer forwards 90 degrees. Fill with transformer oil up to the level mark on the oil trap.

5. Make sure the oil does not moisten the silica gel as this will destroy the gel.