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About us

From HAMP you can rely on getting the right products when you need them. And with our experience and curiosity about possible future products we can tailor-make solutions to suit your needs.

Commitment and competence

Only quality products

Since 1959 we have been supplying quality products and services to firms in the electric power field.

Our role has been that of the small, secure company offering reliable deliveries, personal commitment and sound competence. We are proud of this record.

So we plan to go on in the same spirit – but somewhat more aggressively.

Reinhausens partner

Flexible product deliveries

We can, for instance, supply flexible connections, resistors, dehydrating breathers and other transformer accessories. We are in addition a Reinhausen partner, servicing tap changers in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Our customers are to be found in Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA.

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Anneli Duvér, VD
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Years of experience

Customized solutions since 1959.



The company is certified by intertek, in the requirements ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.


Of the nordic countries

Reinhausen partner, servicing tap changers in Sweden, Norway and Finland.


Different products

We have products for both high and low voltage and deliver to customers both in Sweden and abroad.

Our products

We supply environmentally friendly, custom products for manufacturing, service and maintenance of electrical equipment. We have products both for high and low voltages and deliver to customers both in Sweden and abroad. 

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