- Flexible connectors

Expansion connectors/ flexible foils

We manufacture expansion connectors/flexible foils based on your needs, requirements and specifications. Our production satisfies your most stringent requirements. On our drawing templates, you can design your flexible connectors yourself.

Drawing proposal


Drawings from us

If you are uncertain as to what you want, contact us and we can prepare a drawing proposal based on your requirements and specifications, and then send it to you for approval via e-mail.

If you have a drawing

If you already have your own drawing and specifications, open our drawing templates below. Fill in the dimensions and other data, and then fax or e-mail it to us. You will receive an immediate response with delivery times, prices, etc.

Download drawing template

Technical data

General precision per ISO2768-1 if not otherwise specified.

Expansion connector

–   Material: Aluminium or bare copper
–   Thickness: From standard 0.1 mm
–   Connection: Press-welded or riveted


–   A-, I-, L-, S-, U-, V-, W-profile or per preference/specification

Connnection surface

–   Max. size 160 x 160 mm

Hole pattern

–   Dimensions and hole pattern per preference/specification

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High flexible cable

Twisted high flexible cable is used when extremely high flexibility is required.

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