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Flexible connectors

We are specialists in flexible connectors and can offer several solutions in different configurations and materials, such as aluminium, copper, galvanised or stainless steel, as well as gold and silver plating.

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We have a wide array of standard solutions, but also customise solutions based on your needs,
requirements and specifications.

Expansion connectors/flexible foils are used when there are demands for higher current loads and/or when the need for flexibility is not overly high.

Braids and cables are supplied with connectors or per running metre. They are also available insulated or non-insulated, as well as air- or water-cooled.

Braids and expansion connectors/flexible foils can also be custom manufactured based on your needs, requirements and specifications. Products sold by the metre and standard products are delivered directly from our warehouse.

Customized manufacturing


Expansion connectors/flexible foils

Per running meter

High flexible cable

Flat braids

Round braids

Aluminium braids


Earth braids

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Dehydrating breathers

The dehydrating breathers are manufactured in various sizes, primarily for use in oil-insulated transformers where they prevent moisture in air from coming in contact with the transformer oil and thus lowering insulation properties.

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