- Dehydrating breathers

Adapter flanges

HAMP’s inhouse-manufactured dehydrating breathers are of very high quality and delivered to customers in both Europe and the US, as well as Africa and Asia.

65-90 mm

Several different flanges

Adapter flanges produced in two separate versions. These adapter flanges are manufactured to easily replace older devices with those made by HAMP.

The smaller flange has a 65 millimeter bore diameter and is best suited for use in the small, type 4101, dehydrating breather. The larger flange uses four bolts with a 90 millimeter bore diameter, this flange is manufactured for use in the larger dehydrating breathers type 4130-2, 4130-4 and 4140.

Both adapter flanges come with a stainless transition R3/4”-R3/4”, gasket and a screw kit.

Adapter flanges 90mm

Adapter flanges 65mm

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Hamp represents Reinhausen and Messko, which are world-leading manufacturers of transformer accessories. We are very proud to be able to deliver these quality products to our customers.

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