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Silica gel

Trockenperlen orange silica gel is an environmentally friendly dehumidifying agent free of heavy metals. The indicator shifts from orange to colourless after about 6 % water absorption. Saturated silica gel can be dried and reused. It should be dried at a temperature between 120 °C and 160 °C. HAMP supplies silica gel in 4 kg containers.

For oil-insulated transformers

About the product

HAMP rekommenderar Silikagel Trockenperlen Orange till alla typer av torkapparater för oljeisolerade transformatorer. Silikagel Trockenperlen Orange lämpar sig också väl för laboratorium och förpackningspåsar.

  • Silica gel for moisture control, so-called Trockenperlen Orange.
  • Hard, stable grain size 2-5 mm.
  • Enhanced drying agent meets the requirement of a heavy metal-free and environmentally friendly indicator.
  • Addition of aluminium oxide (Al2O3) to improve the characteristics of the indicator.
  • The drying agent starts colour change already at a relative humidity of 10%, which provides a clear and reliable control
    of the moisture.
  • The moisture adsorption rate is indicated by colour change from orange to white (transparent), at full saturation;
    a water content of 6% of its own weight.
  • The function persists for a while after the colour has changed to completely transparent.
  • Trockenperlen Orange can be regenerated at 130-160 o C and then regains its orange colour and full adsorption capacity.
  • Delivered in PET containers of 4 kg or in steel drums of 150 kg.

Can about 4 kg

Barrel of 150 kg

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