We supply environmentally friendly, custom products for manufacturing, service and maintenance of electrical equipment. We have products both for high and low voltages and deliver to customers both in Sweden and abroad. Read more about each product by clicking the categories below.


Flexible connectors

We supply various solutions for braids and cables based on specifications or per running metre. Expansion connectors/flexible foils are supplied based on specifications of various configurations and materials.

Transformer accessories

We supply DIN-compliant transformer accessories such as connection flags, gas protection relays, bushings, oil level indicators, gaskets and thermometers. We supply gas protection relays that are free from mercury and environmentally friendly as replacements for older gas protection relays and oil level indicators.

Dehydrating breathers

Dehydrating breathers with accessories are supplied in various sizes. We export these products to customers in Europe, the US, Africa and Asia.


We supply power resistors for various applications according to specifications of configuration and materials to both OEMs and end-customers.

MR – Messko products

We collaborate with MR and supply tap changers with control and regulation equipment, and perform service and maintenance on these.

Read more about our service rounds here > In collaboration with Messko, we also supply mechanical and electronic measurement devices for temperature measurement in transformers and peripheral equipment.